Dr Carol Stephens is a PhD candidate in INFANT and  also on The HRB Neonatal Encephalopathy PhD Training Network (NEPTuNE).


She graduated from NUI Galway in 2014 and has been working in paediatrics for the last seven years.  Her areas of special interest in paediatrics include neuro-disability and palliative care. Both specialities are closely intertwined and are areas that are growing in paediatrics.

Her PhD is entitled  SYNAPSE-OutcomeS and ElectroencephalographY followiNg NeonAtal EncePhalopathy: an ObSErvational Study and is funded by the Health Research Board Ireland and partly  supported by Merck’s Life Science Community Engagement Programme – Scientific Research.

The aim of Carol’s research is to evaluate outcomes (epilepsy, death and neurodevelopmental outcomes) following Neonatal Encephalopathy. Carol will focus particularly on EEG  findings in relation to these outcomes.

She hopes that her PhD allows her to identify infants and children who are at risk of neuro-disability with an aim of better understanding outcome and  prognostication following neonatal encephalopathy. This in turn will advocate for earlier and more targeted follow up of the most at-risk infants.

Her supervisors are Professor Geraldine Boylan, Professor Deirdre Murray, Dr. Olivia O’Mahony and Dr. Brian Walsh.