INFANT PI, Professor Keelin O’Donoghue was awarded the International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) Distinguished Researcher Award for her contribution or her contribution to research on stillbirth/newborn death. The award was conferred at the closing ceremony of the 2023 conference, hosted at the University of Sheffield from 30 June to 02 July.

Announcing the award, Professor Adrienne Gordon said: “She has been awarded this on the unanimous decision by the Board to reflect her years of significant research around stillbirth, most particularly in Ireland where she is continuing to strive for best practice care for families and high quality evidence, particularly in terms of the national standards, so we thank you Keelin for all that you do.”

Professor O’Donoghue, along with 11 other members of the Pregnancy Loss Research Group, attended the International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) Conference 2023 at The University of Sheffield from 30 June to 02 July, showcasing a variety of work undertaken by the Group in the areas of:

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