The National Standardised Parenteral Nutrition (SPN) Study was launched on Friday 6th October at the RCPI Faculty of Paediatrics Autumn Conference. 

  • What is the National SPN Study? 

Irish neonatal units have recently implemented a new National Model of Care for Preterm Standardised Parenteral Nutrition (SPN). This is a two-part nutrition system including SPN products and an accompanying protocol. This transdisciplinary study including national survey and interviews will evaluate the current use and future opportunities of the new Model of Care, to continue to improve the nutrition and outcomes of preterm infants in our care.

This study is endorsed by the Health Service Executive National Parenteral Nutrition Expert Group.

  • Who is it for? 

Healthcare Professionals who work with preterm SPN in maternity neonatal units in Ireland. This includes Consultant Neonatologists, Paediatricians and Registrars, Staff Nurses, Nurse Managers and Advanced Nursed Practitioners, Dietitians and Pharmacists.

  • Who’s involved – research team 

This study is being conducted by a transdisciplinary team including Professor Eugene Dempsey,  Consultant Neonatologist & Horgan Chair & INFANT PI, Dr Ann-Marie Brennan, Clinical Specialist Neonatal Dietician, Dr Brendan Murphy, Consultant Neonatologist, Sarah Fenton, Neonatal Pharmacist, Professor Ciara Heavin, Professor of Information Systems, Dr Aileen Murphy, Senior Health Economist, Dr Aoife Fleming, Senior Pharmacy Lecturer.

  • How to find out more info?

Please contact your local neonatal dietitian if you like to get involved and complete the online anonymous survey. If you would like more information about the study, please contact Sarah Fenton or Dr. Ann-Marie Brennan

  • Quotes of support

Dr Anne Doolan (Consultant Neonatologist, Coombe Hospital):Irish research has produced the SPN protocol. It adheres to ESPHGAN guidelines, has provided consistency and directly improved care of tiny babies in Ireland. This study is essential to provide data on how clinicians are using the protocol.’

Roberta McCarty (Dietitian Manager, Neonatology, The National Maternity Hospital):This study will provide the first national data on how clinicians are using the SPN protocol for babies born preterm, which is so important to support our efforts to improve patient care.’