The College of Medicine and Health in conjunction with APC Microbiome Ireland and the INFANT Research Centre will offer six Employment-based PhD Scholarships* for Health Science Professionals in 2024.

*PhD registration fees plus a contribution to costs.

Scholarships under this scheme will be offered in 2024 by the College of Medicine and Health (CoMH), APC Microbiome IrelandINFANT Research Centre and the Discipline of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy at University College Cork (UCC).

Deadline: 12 Jan 2024

In line with UCC’s Strategic Plan 2023-2028, and the Missions of Graduate Studies in CoMH, the remit of the Employment-based PhD Scholarships Programme for Health Science Professionals is to enhance and sustain excellence in graduate education in healthcare and health sciences, to deepen collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and industry partners, to increase PhD enrolment numbers and to develop pathways to widen access to programmes.

Projects will align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and will be anchored in or across one of the four primary UCC Futures research themes in CoMH: Food Microbiome and Heath, Children, Ageing and Brain Science, Medicines. The Scholarship Programme is open to those who are in full-time or part-time employment, who are excited by research and have a strong desire to enhance health research.

Six scholarships will be offered on a competitive basis.

  • Scholarships will fund annual PhD registration fees PLUS €5,000 per annum if full time or €2,500 per annum if part time for associated research costs, over a maximum of 4 years (full-time) or 6 years (part-time).
  • Three scholarships are sponsored by the College of Medicine and Health
  • One scholarship is sponsored by the APC Microbiome Ireland
  • One scholarship is sponsored by the INFANT Research Centre
  • One scholarship is sponsored by the Discipline of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
  • The PhD candidate will remain a salaried employee and will concurrently register as a PhD student at UCC for the duration of the PhD project1.

Full details including eligibility, selection, how to apply, key dates and contact information are available in Guidelines – Employment-based PhD Scholarships 2024.

Please apply for this scholarship by completing the following application form.

Application Form Employment based PhD 2024


Key Dates for 2024

  • Deadline for Applications to 

12th January 2024


  • Call Outcome
Mid-February 2024
  • Scholarship Start date
April 2024 or July 2024

General enquiries about the scholarships may be directed to Professor Yvonne Nolan, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, College of Medicine and Health, at