New paper published by Prof Keelin O’Donghue

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ūüď£New paper by¬†INFANT Research Centre¬†Principal Investigator Prof¬†Keelin O'Donoghue,¬†Deirdre Murphy,¬†Prof. Declan Devane,¬†eleanor molloy,¬†Fiona Boland, et. al. ūüí°'Digital fetal scalp stimulation versus fetal blood sampling to assess fetal wellbeing in labour -a multi-centre randomised controlled trial: Fetal Intrapartum Randomised Scalp Stimulation Trial' ūüĒéRead paper here:¬†

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week

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ūü§ĪIt's¬†#NationalBreastfeedingAwarenessWeek ūüí°Breastfeeding is recommended, where possible, because it has many health benefits for mum and baby ūüĒéCheck out these papers by INFANT researchers to know more: ūüďĎ Health Service Executive¬†University College Cork¬†Mairead Kiely¬†Geraldine Boylan¬†Alan Irvine MD DSc¬†Deirdre Murray¬†Eugene Dempsey¬†Sonia Lenehan¬†Vicki Livingstone¬†Leanna Fogarty¬†Teresa Berkery

Call for Participants #TheMILESTONEstudy

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ūüďĘDo you know someone who has been pregnant with non-identical twins in <18 months ago? ūüí°INFANT Research Centre¬†and Pregnancy Loss Research Group PhD Scholar¬†Caroline O'Connor¬†would like to speak with people about their antenatal care experiences to inform improvement efforts #TheMILESTONEstudy¬†Irish Research Council¬†NPEC National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre¬†University College Cork¬†UCC Medicine and Health¬†UCC Innovation¬†UCC Alumni and Development¬†Cork [...]

INFANT is at the International Child Neurology Congress 2022

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ūüďĘINFANT Research Centre¬†is at the¬†International Child Neurology Congress 2022 ūüí°The¬†International Child Neurology Association¬†are dedicated to promoting education & research in child neurology ūüó£ÔłŹProf¬†Geraldine Boylan¬†is attending this congress as an invited speaker discussing 'Neonatal seizures:new horizons' ūüĒéCheck out the full list of speakers and talks here:

INFANT Lead Investigator Dr Simon Woodworth

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Meet INFANT Lead Investigator Dr Simon Woodworth. Simon is a lecturer in Business Information Systems in Cork University Business School. He teaches technical topics such as programming, software development and mobile application development. Simon’s main research interests are: Connected Health in both community and hospital settings, in developed and developing countries. He is particularly interested in [...]

UCC Magazine ‘Independent Thinkning’ article on pHetalSafe

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ūüďĘCheck out this¬†University College Cork¬†Magazine 'Independent Thinking' article ūüí°INFANT researcher¬†sarusha pillay ¬†& commercial lead of the¬†#pHetalsafe¬†project explains how this novel technology could potentially revolutionise obstetric care ūüĒé

INFANT at the’from Molecules to People’ Research Conference

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ūüďĘLast week INFANT PI Prof Deirdre Murray was a lead speaker at the UCC Medicine and Health 'from Molecules to people' Research Conference ūüí°This conference provided a forum where researchers at availed of the opportunity for network building and further collaboration Read more about the event here:

PhD Profile: Dr Aisa Shayo

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Doctor Researcher: Aisa Shayo Aisa is pursuing a PhD in the area of improved care for premature babies in order to reduce neonatal mortality caused by Preterm deliveries which is among the top three causes of death in neonates. Aisa is a Paediatrician working in Tanzania at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) which is a [...]

PhD Profile: Dr Carol Stephens

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  Dr Carol Stephens is a PhD candidate in INFANT and  also on The HRB Neonatal Encephalopathy PhD Training Network (NEPTuNE).   She graduated from NUI Galway in 2014 and has been working in paediatrics for the last seven years.  Her areas of special interest in paediatrics include neuro-disability and palliative care. Both specialities are [...]

New paper published by INFANT and Pregnancy Loss Research Group

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ūüď£Check out this paper by¬†INFANT Research Centre¬†& Pregnancy Loss Research Group researchers ūüí°'Facilitators and barriers influencing weight management behaviours during pregnancy: a meta-synthesis of qualitative research' ūüĒéRead paper here: Tamara Esca√Īuela S√°nchez¬†Caroline O'Connor¬†Keelin O'Donoghue¬†Karen Matvienko-Sikar