Completed Newborn Research Studies


The PiNPoINT study (Project Personalised Nutrition for the Preterm Infant) will develop a nutritional management strategy for very low birth weight, preterm infants.


The NEUROPROBE Study will develop an innovative method of continuously analyzing changes in pre-term EEG, NIRS and blood pressure data.


HiP (Management of Hypotension In the Preterm Infant) is an international, multi-centre, randomised control clinical trial involving dopamine versus placebo.


BabyLink is focused on developing a remote monitoring solution for newborn brain monitoring.

Beyond BiHiVE

BEYOND BiHiVE is the next stage of the BiHiVE project, which investigates blood biomarkers.


A smart brain monitoring system for newborns to detect the severity of brain injury.


BABYSAFE is a project which is developing an EEG/ECG electrode for monitoring the neurological health of the baby during labour.

Seizure Detection Algorithm

This is a Wellcome Trust funded study to develop a seizure detection algorithm.