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PhD Profile: Shuwen Yu Describes How Automation Can Help Predict Seizures in the Neonatal Brain

By |2021-12-02T14:56:29+00:00December 6th, 2021|

A graduate of the MEngSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University College Cork, Shuwen Yu joins the INFANT Research Centre to begin working on a PhD programme under the supervision of Professor Geraldine Boylan, Professor Liam Marnane and Dr Gordon Lightbody. A stellar student at the North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering, where Shuwen [...]

INFANT Led European Network to Advance Development of Algorithms that Detect Brain Injuries in Infants

By |2022-09-12T14:22:44+01:00October 27th, 2021|

INFANT’s Dr John O’Toole will lead a team of international researchers to accelerate the development of AI Technologies that detect brain injuries in infants. Working alongside a team of scientists, clinicians and technical experts from 14 different European countries, Dr John O’Toole aims to build capacity and strengthen cooperation among international research groups, with the [...]