A new paper from INFANT has just been published in The Journal of Pediatrics, titled, Neonatal Seizure Management – Is the Timing of Treatment Critical? INFANT Centre research fellow Dr Andreea Pavel is the first author on the paper.

The open access paper, which is the latest from the ANSeR study team led by INFANT Director Prof Geraldine Boylan. The team found that the treatment of neonatal seizures may be time-critical.

472 newborns were recruited across eight neonatal intensive care units in Ireland (Cork University Maternity Hospital & Rotunda Hospital), London (University College London Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Royal London Hospital, Homerton University Hospital), the Netherlands (University Medical Centre, Utrecht), and Sweden (Karolinska University Hospital).

The study assessed the impact of the timing of seizure treatment on subsequent seizure burden and described overall seizure management in a large neonatal cohort.

The research team found a significantly lower seizure burden and less seizures in infants treated within 1 hour of  seizure onset.

To find out more, read the paper here.