INFANT Lead Investigator Dr Mark O’Sullivan and Dr Alison O’Shea of the Neurobell project are the overall winners of the 2022 Ideate Ireland competition which took place last week.

The  €15,000 top prize was awarded to Neurobell a pocket-sized brain monitor with automated seizure detection for newborns, which builds on the previous research of the INFANT Research Centre in the field of AI-based interpretation of neonatal EEG.

“The Ideate programme really pushed us to challenge our market assumptions by completing customer discovery across different stakeholder groups,” said O’Sullivan.

“We now have a clear understanding of where the clinical need for our technology is greatest and how best to target that market. It is a key milestone in getting us ready for private investment, and winning the competition will provide us with the momentum and support to bring our product to market successfully.”

INFANT researcher Sarusha Pillay and INFANT PI Dr Fergus McCarthy won the first runner up prize of €7,000 for their project pHetalSafe, which seeks to detect and prevent fetal hypoxia and assess fetal well-being during labour.

We are immensely proud of our colleagues for this amazing achievement. We look forward to the expansion of their work and wish them the very best in achieving their global ambition.