Completed Child Health Studies


The COMBINE study will improve our understanding of how diet and gut microbiome composition influences healthy growth and neurological development in early childhood.


The BASELINE Study is providing detailed information on maternal health, fetal growth, childhood nutrition, growth and development in the first five years of life.


The ENRICH study aims to understand the effects of lifestyles, sensory experiences and sleep patterns on the cognitive development of healthy infants.


The SKIN Study is a range finding pilot study which is needed to establish the range of NMF and TEWL values in a healthy neonatal population. The data from the SKIN Study will be used to inform the STOP AD intervention trial, which will investigate the effect of early skin barrier protection on the prevention of eczema and food allergy in high-risk children.


The CARE Study is evaluating the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on access to respite services.


The AUTISM study aims to develop a neonatal screening test for early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).