Our Studies

INFANT’s research studies have a proven national and global impact, combining research expertise with industry partnerships to investigate perinatal healthcare solutions.

Using the links below, you can learn about our extensive, innovative work in metabolomics, physiological monitoring, maternal and infant nutrition, medical devices, perinatal clinical trials, connected health and epidemiology.

AI4LIFE: AI for Fetal Wellbeing

The AI4LIFE project will develop a fetal monitoring system using artificial intelligence to identify oxygen deprivation.


The ANSeR study is testing a computer algorithm that can detect seizures in babies.


BabyLink is focused on developing a remote monitoring solution for newborn brain monitoring.


The BABYSAFE study is developing non-invasive technology to help assess fetal well-being.


The BASELINE study is the first longitudinal birth cohort study in Ireland.


The BEFORE Birth study aims to provide a screening test for pre-term delivery, a leading cause of perinatal mortality.

Beyond BeHiVE

BEYOND BiHiVE is the next stage of the BiHiVE project, which investigates blood biomarkers.


The CARE Study is evaluating the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the accessibility of support services for carers of children with special needs.


The COMBINE study investigates how diet and gut microbiome composition influences healthy growth and neurological development.


A smart brain monitoring system for newborns to detect the severity of brain injury.


The ENRICH study aims to understand the effects of lifestyles, sensory experiences and sleep patterns on infant development.


HiP is Management of Hypotension In the Preterm Infant.


The IMPROvED study will develop early pregnancy screening tests for pre-eclampsia.

What to expect in the NICU

NeoView focuses on virtual visitation in the NICU.


The NESTED study is developing methods of detecting seizures in premature babies.


The NEUROPROBE study will develop an innovative method of continuously analysing changes in preterm EEG, NIRS and blood pressure data.


The PARROT study is a randomised control trial which will be a diagnostic aid in the management of pre-eclampsia.


Mothers’ Experiences of Maternal Morbidity.


The PiNPoINT study will develop a nutritional management strategy for very low birth weight, preterm infants.

Pregnancy Loss & Stillbirth

Understanding the underlying causes of pregnancy loss and stillbirth.


The RE:CURRENT study is evaluating recurrent miscarriage (RM) services in Ireland to inform efforts to standardise and improve the quality of these se…


These studies are working to prevent eczema and food allergy. Eczema is the most common skin disease of childhood, affecting 20% of children in Irelan…

Completed Studies

Read about INFANT’s completed studies.