Professor Geraldine BoylanProfessor Deirdre Murray and Dr Sean Mathieson, all took part in the jENS 2021 Congress this week, alongside INFANT Ph.D candidates Sonia Lenehan and Mary Anne Ryan. 

The prestigious event, which took place between 14-18 September, featured an exciting scientific programme with contributions from leading international speakers. 

Taking place online, the Congress investigated topics such as neurology, perinatal practices and neonatal infectious diseases / immunology. 

The interactive event included dedicated Q&As, live discussions and polls, providing an engaging atmosphere for INFANT researchers to showcase how they are solving some of the challenges associated with pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood. 

Find out about the jENS 2021 Congress. 

INFANT Contributions: 

14 September 


Professor Deirdre Murray 

Role: Discussant 

Session: MEET & GREET & DISCUSS: controversies in neonatology – Brain 


Mary Anne Ryan 

Role: Speaker 

Session:  Meet & Greet &Discuss: controversies in neonatology – Nursing 

Title: Protecting sleep in the NICU 

Synopsis: The immature preterm infant’s brain is vulnerable to adverse outcome. Sleep is neuroprotective. Minimising stress and protecting sleep in the neonatal unit will support normal brain development.  


15 September 


Professor Deirdre Murray 

Role: Speaker 

Session: PARALLEL SESSION 1- BRAIN 1 – Outcome Assessment 

Talk: Outcome assessment in the 21st century 

Doctor Sean Mathieson 


Synopsis: Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE) is a neurological disorder resulting from lack of oxygen or blood supply to the brain at birth and has the highest morbidity and mortality in low income countries. Seizure can exacerbate brain damage.  

We recorded EEG (brainwaves) on neonates with NE in Uganda and found a high seizure burden, highlighting the potential to improve outcome in these babies with prompt detection and treatment of seizures. 

Professor Deirdre Murray 

Role: Chairperson 


16 September 


Professor Geraldine Boylan 

Role: Speaker 

Session: PARALLEL SESSION 13 – BRAIN 3 – Cerebral function 

Talk: Neonatal EEG & sleep in the NICU 


Professor Deirdre Murray 

Role: Chairperson 

Session: PARALLEL SESSION 13 – BRAIN 3 – Cerebral function   

17 September 


Sonia Lenehan 

Role: Oral poster speaker 

Session: Poster session 11 – Brain 3 

Title poster 1: Eye-Tracking for the assessment of cognitive development in full-term and moderate-to-late preterm infants at 18 months 

Synopsis: Investigates using eye-tracking to assess cognitive development in 18-month-old (corrected age) moderate-to-late preterm born children. 

Title poster 2: Eye-Tracking and the Griffiths III Neurodevelopmental assessment at 18 months in healthy term infants 

Synopsis: This looks at exploring the relationship between the eye-tracking measures and measures of Griffiths-III neurodevelopmental assessment. 

18 September 


Professor Geraldine Boylan 

Role: Speaker 


Talk: AI for the evaluation of HIE