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New paper published by Prof Keelin O’Donghue

📣New paper by INFANT Research Centre Principal Investigator Prof Keelin O'Donoghue, Deirdre Murphy, Prof. Declan Devane, eleanor molloy, Fiona Boland, et. al. 💡'Digital fetal scalp stimulation versus fetal blood sampling to assess fetal wellbeing in labour -a multi-centre randomised controlled trial: Fetal Intrapartum Randomised Scalp Stimulation Trial' 🔎Read paper here:

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National Breastfeeding Awareness Week

🤱It's #NationalBreastfeedingAwarenessWeek 💡Breastfeeding is recommended, where possible, because it has many health benefits for mum and baby 🔎Check out these papers by INFANT researchers to know more: 📑 Health Service Executive University College Cork Mairead Kiely Geraldine Boylan Alan Irvine MD DSc Deirdre Murray Eugene Dempsey Sonia Lenehan Vicki Livingstone Leanna Fogarty Teresa Berkery

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Call for Participants #TheMILESTONEstudy

📢Do you know someone who has been pregnant with non-identical twins in <18 months ago? 💡INFANT Research Centre and Pregnancy Loss Research Group PhD Scholar Caroline O'Connor would like to speak with people about their antenatal care experiences to inform improvement efforts #TheMILESTONEstudy Irish Research Council NPEC National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre University College Cork UCC Medicine and Health UCC Innovation UCC Alumni and Development Cork University Hospitals Group

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INFANT is at the International Child Neurology Congress 2022

📢INFANT Research Centre is at the International Child Neurology Congress 2022 💡The International Child Neurology Association are dedicated to promoting education & research in child neurology 🗣️Prof Geraldine Boylan is attending this congress as an invited speaker discussing 'Neonatal seizures:new horizons' 🔎Check out the full list of speakers and talks here:

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INFANT Lead Investigator Dr Simon Woodworth

Meet INFANT Lead Investigator Dr Simon Woodworth. Simon is a lecturer in Business Information Systems in Cork University Business School. He teaches technical topics such as programming, software development and mobile application development. Simon’s main research interests are: Connected Health in both community and hospital settings, in developed and developing countries. He is particularly interested in how improvements in patient outcomes can be brought about by replacing paper-based systems with electronic ones. Other areas of research which interest Simon include how information systems influence patient care pathways; how decision support systems and business intelligence influence patient care and care management; how disruptive low – cost technologies can be used in resource limited environments and information systems cybersecurity. Simon is currently involved in the following INFANT projects The KILIMANJARO COALESCE project, which aims to implement an electronic birth registry in the Kilimanjaro region, thus providing data to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in the medium term. Providing technical resources to the CODALIFE SFI proposal. Providing technical assistance to the Conect4Children(C4C) project. Reusing the LEANBH technology platform for the C-CAMHS project. Investigating the use of smartphones for urinalysis. "I have been involved in INFANT as a researcher for over eight years. Working here has always been hugely rewarding as the research is high impact with a measurable effect on the care of women and infants. I am thrilled [...]

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UCC Magazine ‘Independent Thinkning’ article on pHetalSafe

📢Check out this University College Cork Magazine 'Independent Thinking' article 💡INFANT researcher sarusha pillay  & commercial lead of the #pHetalsafe project explains how this novel technology could potentially revolutionise obstetric care 🔎

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INFANT at the’from Molecules to People’ Research Conference

📢Last week INFANT PI Prof Deirdre Murray was a lead speaker at the UCC Medicine and Health 'from Molecules to people' Research Conference 💡This conference provided a forum where researchers at availed of the opportunity for network building and further collaboration Read more about the event here:

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PhD Profile: Dr Aisa Shayo

Doctor Researcher: Aisa Shayo Aisa is pursuing a PhD in the area of improved care for premature babies in order to reduce neonatal mortality caused by Preterm deliveries which is among the top three causes of death in neonates. Aisa is a Paediatrician working in Tanzania at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) which is a consultant hospital in Northern Tanzania. She is also a lecturer at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCO). She supervises and teaches diploma students, Medical doctor students (MD) and Masters students (MMED). She also provides supervision on research thesis for MD four and Masters students. She is also involved in several board member committee both at the hospital and university college as well. She is current head of department of Paediatrics both at the hospital and university College. Aisa's planned thesis is titled: THE IMPACT, PERCEPTION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF KMC AT THE NEONATAL UNIT AMONG HCWs AND MOTHERS OF PREMATURE NEONATES AT KILIMANJARO CHRISTIAN MEDICAL CENTER, NORTHERN TANZANIA Study Aim: · What is the impact of KMC at neonatal unit of zonal consultant hospital in northern Tanzania? · What is the perception and implementation of KMC by the mothers and health care providers from zonal consultant hospital? The Objectives of the study are: 1. To determine the timing of death and factors associated with mortality in all preterm neonates born between [...]

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PhD Profile: Dr Carol Stephens

  Dr Carol Stephens is a PhD candidate in INFANT and  also on The HRB Neonatal Encephalopathy PhD Training Network (NEPTuNE).   She graduated from NUI Galway in 2014 and has been working in paediatrics for the last seven years.  Her areas of special interest in paediatrics include neuro-disability and palliative care. Both specialities are closely intertwined and are areas that are growing in paediatrics. Her PhD is entitled  SYNAPSE-OutcomeS and ElectroencephalographY followiNg NeonAtal EncePhalopathy: an ObSErvational Study and is funded by the Health Research Board Ireland and partly  supported by Merck’s Life Science Community Engagement Programme – Scientific Research. The aim of Carol’s research is to evaluate outcomes (epilepsy, death and neurodevelopmental outcomes) following Neonatal Encephalopathy. Carol will focus particularly on EEG  findings in relation to these outcomes. She hopes that her PhD allows her to identify infants and children who are at risk of neuro-disability with an aim of better understanding outcome and  prognostication following neonatal encephalopathy. This in turn will advocate for earlier and more targeted follow up of the most at-risk infants. Her supervisors are Professor Geraldine Boylan, Professor Deirdre Murray, Dr. Olivia O’Mahony and Dr. Brian Walsh.

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New paper published by INFANT and Pregnancy Loss Research Group

📣Check out this paper by INFANT Research Centre & Pregnancy Loss Research Group researchers 💡'Facilitators and barriers influencing weight management behaviours during pregnancy: a meta-synthesis of qualitative research' 🔎Read paper here: Tamara Escañuela Sánchez Caroline O'Connor Keelin O'Donoghue Karen Matvienko-Sikar

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INFANT and Musgraves’s Food Allergy Research Partnership

📣Check out Echo's coverage of INFANT and Musgrave's recent partnership in #foodallergyresearch 💡'The partnership will advance critical research from University College Cork’s INFANT Research Centre into anaphylaxis management' 🔎

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INFANT PhD Profile: Eoin Brophy

Eoin Brophy is a PhD candidate; his research focuses on developing deep learning methods as a reliable tool to generate and process medical time-series data that adhere to privacy-preserving regulations. Ultimately, this will allow for sharing and disseminating of medical data and, in turn, advancing clinical research in the relevant fields, such as in the NICU. Eoin is passionate about using AI for improved consumer health and patient outcomes and has extensive research expertise in developing machine learning applications and rich time series data solutions. In addition, he successfully developed novel deep learning techniques to generate synthetic physiological data.   In 2017, Eoin received his MEng in Electronic Engineering from Maynooth University and worked as a lecturer for IADT in Electronics and Microcontrollers. Following this, Eoin held a research assistant position in SAP and Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics in 2018. He started his PhD journey in late 2018, working out of DCU School of Computing and INFANT Research Centre.   Eoin recently defended his PhD entitled "Deep Learning-based Signal Processing Approaches for Improved Tracking of Human Health and Behaviour with Wearable Sensors"   The outcomes of his PhD were as follows: · The first contribution lies in forwarding the field of medical time series data generation using recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks. He developed a custom architecture and loss function towards improved physiological [...]

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New paper published by INFANT researchers

📣Check out this article published by INFANT researchers Dr Juan Truhillo and @caoimhe_cronin   💡'Benefit of educational intervention on Autoinjector Technique for caregivers and paediatric patients with food allergies: A literature review'   🔎  

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Open Letter by INFANT Researcher Marita Hennessy

📣Check out this open letter by INFANT researcher @marita.hennessy 💡'Time for complete transparency about conflicts of interest in #publichealth nutrition research' 🔎

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Musgrave partners with UCC to support allergen education and research

PRESS RELEASE Musgrave, Ireland’s leading food retailer, wholesaler and foodservice company, has collaborated with University College Cork (UCC) to advance allergy education and research. New funding will provide grants to students on the new Allergy and Clinical Immunology Postgraduate Programme at UCC Sponsorship will also fund essential studies into anaphylaxis management In keeping with the Musgrave’s long-standing history of innovation and commitment to supporting communities, this partnership will advance critical research from UCC’s INFANT Centre into anaphylaxis management, which is the management of a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, in care settings. It will also support the launch of a new online postgraduate programme in Allergy and Clinical Immunology within the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, UCC. Ray Bowe, Head of Food Safety and Quality at Musgrave, said: “At Musgrave, we feed one in three people across Ireland every day. We ensure that the food we supply is of the highest quality and safe for those who enjoy it, and this means the continuous management of allergens is a key cornerstone across our supply chains to the end consumer. Food allergens are a significant health risk to vulnerable consumers, with the rate of allergen sufferers increasing in the developed world over the past 30 years. As a result, we were happy to have the opportunity to support this allergy education and research at UCC and [...]

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PhD Profile: Jacopo Proietti

Jacopo is a Child Neuropsychiatrist trained in pediatric neurological disorders, with particular interest in electrophysiological evaluation of epilepsy with onset in childhood and adolescence. In the last two years he shifted his attention to neonatal neurology. His PhD is focusing on: Simultaneous multichannel EEG and median nerve SEPs recording during the earliest hours after birth in infants with Neonatal Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy. This is a collaborative project between INFANT and University of Verona (Italy). Education and Career: 2020-present: joint-PhD student | INFANT Research Centre, University College Cork – Child Neuropsychiatry Unit, University of Verona 2020-2022: Clinical activity as Specialist Child Neuropsychiatrist, Verona University Hospital 2020: Clinical Research Fellow | INFANT Research Centre, University College Cork 2016-2020: Child Neuropsychiatry Specialization | Child Neuropsychiatry Unit, Verona University Hospital 2016: Medical Licence | University of Perugia 2016: Degree in Medicine and Surgery | University of Perugi

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New Paper Published by INFANT Researchers

📣Check out this paper by INFANT researchers   💡'Early initiation of short-term emollient use for the prevention of atopic dermatitis in high risk infants – the STOP AD randomised controlled trial'   🔎   #UCCresearch #dermatology

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PhD Profile: Elizabeth Bodunde

Elizabeth completed her Bachelor of Science in Public health in 2017 from Babcock University and graduated from University College Cork in 2021 with a Master of Public Health (Advanced Epidemiology and Biostatistics). She holds First Class Honours in both degrees. After receiving her degree in 2017, she joined the National Youth Service Corps and was assigned to work as a Research assistant at the Evangel fistula center in Jos. After her duty ended, she started working as a program officer at the center and an interim training officer for the Christoffel Blinden Mission Women’s Health Programme Germany. Elizabeth received research expertise in a variety of fields, and after COVID-19 emerged, she worked as a surveillance officer with public health departments in the South and Midwest, supporting the development of surveillance capacity at all levels across the country . Elizabeth is funded by the HRB SPHERE programme and is currently pursuing a PhD in Population Health and Health Service Research (PHHSR) at the School of Public Health and INFANT. Her doctoral research focuses on the long-term risk of maternal mental health outcomes after adverse pregnancy and birth complications. Elizabeth planned thesis is titled: Exploring the impact of pregnancy and birth complications on adverse long term maternal mental health outcomes The objectives of the study are: 1. Examine the association between pregnancy and childbirth complications and adverse long-term [...]

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Dr Marita Hennessy given Herman Schaalma Award for best PhD!!

Congratulations to post-doctoral Researcher Marita Hennessy for this European Health Psychology Society Herman Schaalma Award for her Health research Board SPHeREprogramme  PhD in 2020!! Marita is a postdoctoral researcher with the Pregnancy Loss Group at INFANT. Prior to joining INFANT in January 2020, Marita was a Health Research Board-funded SPHeRE PhD Scholar within the Health Behaviour Change Research Group at NUI Galway. For her doctoral studies, she examined behavioural interventions delivered by health professionals during the first 1,000 days to prevent childhood obesity. Thesis Title: Obesity prevention during early life: Developing the evidence base to maximise the effectiveness of interventions delivered by health professionals Her research interests include maternal and child health, childhood obesity, health behaviour change, implementation science, commercial determinants of health, health inequalities and men’s health. She is experienced in a range of research methods including qualitative, mixed methods, systematic review, and creative approaches. Prior to commencing her doctoral studies, Marita held research roles with safefood, University College Cork, the Children’s Research Centre-Trinity College Dublin, the National Cancer Registry, and Waterford Institute of Technology. Marita is currently working on the RE:CURRENT study led by Prof Keelin O’Donoghue and funded by the Health Research Board, evaluating recurrent miscarriage (RM) services in Ireland to inform efforts to standardise and improve the quality of these services. Learn more about the RE:CURRENT study here Well done Marita, [...]

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