Child Health

Latest information and resources on how COVID-19 impacts children

So far, the evidence suggests that children are the least at-risk group from COVID-19 infection and critical illness is very rare in this group. Data continues to be collected around the world to understand the risks to children, especially those that have underlying conditions or are immunocompromised. 

From very limited data it appears that, 

- Fortunately, even those children with underlying conditions, suffer a mild course of COVID-19 infection. 

- Early evidence also suggests that children with immunosuppression are not at increased risk of infection with COVID-19. 

Whether infected children are not really showing symptoms or whether children are just not being infected has been investigated. 

Originally it was thought that children were the main source of transmission of COVID-19. However, that theory seems to be changing as the evidence now suggests that they do not play a significant role in transmission. 

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