Dr Alice Lucey

Alice Lucey
Associate Investigator

Alice is a Funded Investigator at INFANT and a recently appointed Lecturer at the School of Food & Nutritional Sciences, UCC.

Alice will actively contribute to the Maternal and Child Nutrition platform within INFANT, leading a research group which will generate critical knowledge on the existence of a “cross-talk” linking nutrition, cardio-metabolic and musculoskeletal health in women approaching middle-life and will also consider the influence of pregnancy-related complications. This key research will form the basis for the design of modifiable nutrition and lifestyle strategies with potential to support healthy ageing in women and the maintenance of cardio-metabolic and musculoskeletal health in later years.

Prior to her appointment, Alice was a Research Fellow at the Cork Centre for Vitamin D and Nutrition Research, UCC. She is a registered nutritionist and her research interests focus on the influence of foods, nutrients and lifestyle factors on cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal health outcomes across the life-cycle. Alice has a track record for securing independent funding and notable peer-reviewed publications. Alice has more than 10 years’ experience in clinical trial methodology and has designed and coordinated seven National and European-funded RCTs in Irish adults. Alice has also co-led a work package on the EU-funded BACCHUS project that included the coordination of a further six RCTs at European level. Alice has actively collaborated with the food sector and is interested in research innovation and commercialisation.